Where Am I?

If you have awoken from a dream confused about where and when you are, in your familiar bed—
or begun recalling detailed scenes of drama and chaos, before the glimpse of other places evaporated within—
If you’ve read two overlapping pages of newspaper or scrolling text and seen strange phrases jump out—

If you remember walking long hallways in your sleeping mind, with unknowable patterns on the walls and floors,
wandering through scenes of people real and unreal, aware and autonomous,
within rooms and halls and interlocking setting, explaining and intuiting yourself through the vast plane?

You’ve seen the Earth Hotel. Upon finding ourselves here and looking about, we laid no claim, planted no flag—
Only a word machine. We set out observing and assembling the bearing with which to explore our limited time.

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“We are not so much Guests as ghosts”

This place is the namesake and metaphysical surrogate mother to the media effort and propaganda program which occupies this website. The Earth Hotel is an idea, a metaphor for grasping the shifting landscape of reality in which we make our way. It is the skeleton of our collective dreamscape, as we understand it with confused modern psyches, and it is the sprawling externalized hotel-scape we live within in the modernized world — temporary need fulfillment with helpful amenities and nefarious temptations.

We use the term propaganda, for we seek to manipulate, as all culture seeks to do. We do so in the spirit of exploration and reconciliation. Our point of view is not categorical, overtly political, religious, mystical, or moral, though it contains all of those things.

We showed up here with a face and we want to compare notes during this amazing, terrifying era. We use this term to recognize our own susceptibility to manipulate and be manipulated. We mean the most good and the least harm for everyone, on as many levels as possible. The only way for this is one of self-aware cooperation and true dialogue, competitive problem-solving and well-reasoned, applied compassion.

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We trace the obscure line that connects the realms within us.
What we call these things, how real or scientific, what they mean,
do not matter here.
The rules of reality break and silent people bear witness all the time.
We do not believe or seek to give proof in anything.
Art is the way of expressing experience and meaning.
Without interpretation, there is no meaning in these things.
In psychick acts, in magic, in science, in religion.
We thread the camel’s eye until we close the wounds,
and the wounds of the world never close.

Our mission is troubling and galvanizing, as young people in a world suspended in chaos and order, the finest creations of humanity alongside unimaginable suffering and destruction. We do not find we have the will or ability to correct or preach to protest. This propaganda arm is singular and universal. We claim no accreditation of quality or allegiance to any government or corporate group.


An investment in art and discourse is an investment in the fabric of reality.

This is a message and an open channel. Submit and respond however you want and are compelled to do. We will not sell you cheap merch with no value or plug our social media. Here, the medium is the message, and we hold ourselves to the highest possible quality we can manage.

That may mean unconventional or irregular choices, but the object is to learn and develop openly, and strive forward. We grow together, if we choose. We grow well if we think and choose thoughtfully. There will never be advertisements for selling you anything on this program. There are options to donate, but there is no paywall bonus membership or expectation.

This podcast and media operation are magickal acts, or at the least philosophical exercises which supersede bizarre pedestrian celebrity or cash-ins. If you place monetary value on the program and the time contained therein, we’re intensely grateful you listened at all. Time is short, friends. Thank you for joining us.