Episode 41 - Mazes and Monsters Movie Revue! (SPECIAL)

Since October is upon us, we wanted to get on in a stylish fashion by flashing back to the beginning of Sir Tom Hanks’ career and have some fun by riffing on this classically naff movie about tabletop in the heart of the Satanic Panic. You can watch Monsters and Mazes for free on Amazon Prime, whom we do not endorse in any way and are not connected with. We do not suggest that you illegally download this film from elsewhere online, in fact we tacitly deny that as a proper course of action.

Watch along with us and hear our opinions instead of Tom Hanks’ original voice! The film starts at 13:39 in the podcast. You’ll hear 3 beeps and you’ll click play on the three. This episode contains no audio from the film so we don’t get copyright blocked. If you enjoy this sort of thing, let us know at WTIIboiz@gmail.com or on Twitter @WTIICast.

We’ll be back next week with a Dungeon Delving episode to start off our next campaign series in the Shadowrun system, set in a dystopian cyber-punk Birmingham.

Come check out the Birmingham Tabletop League’s game night every Monday at Brennan’s Irish Pub, 4-9pm! Wes hosts and the cast comes in and plays games week to week.

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