WTII Update (III-23-19)

From the void-realm of Whose Turn is It--

The cast managed to extend a communication outside of their current location, and this was it:

Whose Turn is It will be going on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time. During this period, Dotty is having an operation which means he will be unable to speak for several months. Wesley is developing another play podcast, Fortresses and Flayers, and Dash and Alex are taking more time for themselves and pursuing future endeavors. We would like to thank the listeners, those that helped support us through advertising, giveaways, Patreon, and spreading our program. We would like to thank the Earth Hotel for taking a chance on us and producing, editing, and distributing this project. This isn't a goodbye, merely a see-you-later.

News from the Void of the Boiz, for sure. Any future developments will be posted here and on the Earthhotel.org, but to get it from the source, you may still follow Whose Turn Is It online at the appropriate or inappropriate locations.